Hair Loss

Lots of our customers have experienced hair loss for various reasons, including alopecia, illness, medical treatments, stress or the menopause. They find our jersey cotton towels beneficial because they're so soft and lightweight, and they don't tug at the hair or irritate the scalp. Our recent customer survey confirmed this:

One customer even asked why we don't talk about hair loss on our website (in relation to 'cold capping'). So we thought we'd dedicate a page to these beauties. Here's what they're saying (taken from website and Etsy reviews and social media):

"I am suffering from hair loss as a side effect of Tamoxifen and was noticing how much hair I was losing when combing after I had towel dried with a traditional towel. I had been on the look out for an alternative and found these. They are so gentle on my hair and as they are so absorbent I don't need to rub my hair so vigorously. My hair breakage is down already."

"Just received my 2nd towel having been so pleased with the one I ordered last week. Currently going through chemotherapy & have found these towels to be soft & gentle on the precious hair I have remaining. Am happy knowing these will be gentle as my hair regrows. Beautiful colours & great customer service."
"I was gifted one of these for Christmas and loved it. I bought one for my friend who lost her hair when undergoing treatment and now has beautiful regrowth. These towels are gentle to your hair and are brilliant - absolutely would recommend to anyone."

"Less breakage so the postpartum hair is able to grow."

"Best towel for fragile hair. A total game changer, so much easier to use. Significantly less breakage in my hair ravaged by PCOS symptoms. Hair dries so quickly, I take it everywhere."

"I've had one of these towels for around 6 months now, I've waited to post a review as I wanted to use get proper use out of it. All I can say is that it is one of the best things I have ever bought myself. My hair feels so much better and two spots on my hair line that were thinning due to using a heavy normal towel are showing signs of hair re-growth. I love my towel and will never use another."

"This towel is a wonderful product for anyone who has or has had any issues with hair loss. It is so gentle on my precious, post chemo regrowth... no rubbing or heat is required to get dry hair. it just sort of magically soaks up the water. It is also super soft so perfect for anyone whose scalp is sensitive or sore. I would highly recommend these magic towels to anyone having or recovering from chemotherapy and experiencing hair loss and regrowth."

"I bought one of these towels for my friend who is going thru chemo. She is very happy with a towel that is very kind to her fragile hair & scalp."

"Good Wash Day organic jersey cotton hair towels have been a game changer for me. I’ve been struggling with hair loss through stress and using one combined with some Olaplex has transformed my locks."

"Anything that will protect my hair from damage and further loss. Very pleased with the smoothing effect!"

"Having recently gone through chemotherapy, I have a very sensitive scalp. Majority of my treatment, i was using regular towels to dry my head. They felt rough and pulled out what little hair I had left. I started using these amazing towels and they were a massive game changer for me! The organic cotton is so soft and gentle on your scalp, they don’t tug, leave redness or cause any discomfort. I have three of the rainbow towels and now don’t use anything else! Not only are they great for curly or straight hair, they are great for no hair. I would highly recommend to anyone who suffers with hair loss. Thank you Carla!"

"My hair is very delicate due to chemo and other drugs. This towel dries my hair without the need to rub it. Washed hair twice good results. Definitely recommend."

"I have waited a while to write a review on this towel as I had been made aware that it was great for people who's hair may be falling out. I bought one for my mum who unfortunately has Rheumatoid Arthritis and the medication she is on is now making her hair fall out so bought this as a present to hopefully help. My mum has let me know that her hair is now not falling out in clumps like it was before and her hair is so much healthier. Her hair is still falling out as it will because of the medication but has reduced! She also no longer dyes her hair as she is loving her naturally white grey hair and the volume she has back in it! I have also used mine non stop and I love it; I have washed many times and there has been no fade for me! Thank you so much for bringing some joy into our family and giving my mum her confidence back!"

"My hair is very heavy and for years I lugged a wet, heavy terry towel on my head. I’d leave it on for hours if I was using an intense leave in conditioner. It hurt my neck and led to mild alopecia at the sides of my scalp where the sheer weight of it pulled my hair out. This towel is light and comfortable (enough to sleep in) and helps to de-frizz my wavy locks too. Literally changed my life and solved a painful problem I used to just live with every day!"

"My hair has grown back curly after chemotherapy - I'm trying to learn how to look after it, and can safely say this towel has been my best purchase so far! I'm amazed at how well it works, the quality of the sewing and material, and all of this was topped off with just excellent service. I would recommend to anyone!"