All our fabrics are certified by the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres. 

This ensures that:

✅ No toxic, persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilisers

✅ Only approved colourants can be used
✅ Restrictions on additional fibre materials
✅ Processing units demonstrate environment management, including wastewater treatment

The 'social' criteria stipulates that:

✅ Employment is freely chosen
✅ No child labour
✅ No discrimination
✅ Occupational health and safety
✅ No harassment / violence
✅ Consideration of living wage gap
✅ Fair, legal working time
✅ Protection for migrant workers

In a similar vein, we use recyclable packaging materials from other small independent businesses, where possible. Being a natural minimalist my intention is to keep packaging to a minimum, but as with all things it's a balancing act: I need our products to arrive safely, and to have a bit of a wow factor.