Good Hair Days Start With A Good Wash Day

Improve and protect your hair’s health with our lightweight organic jersey cotton hair towel.

As soft and light as your most comfortable T-shirt, our towels are made from 95% organic jersey cotton and 5% elastane with a little bit of stretch for a whole lot of comfort.

They're also super absorbent and quick dry.

Suitable for ALL hair types and available in a range of beautiful colours and stunning prints.

Soft & Gentle

Hair is weak and most prone to damage when wet.

Regular towels can cause friction leading to damage, split ends and extra frizz.

These lightweight towels are super comfortable and kinder to ALL hair types.

Super Absorbent

Terry towels can leach too much moisture from within the hair (yes, that is possible) leading to parched, ultradry strands.

This towel’s closely woven fibres absorb only excess water, thus reducing hair drying time whilst leaving hair soft and well-moisturised.

Created By A Curly Girl But...

What started as the 'curly hair towel' has become the any hair towel.

The Good Wash Day towel is easy to wear and wrap,whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly.

Protect your locks by using it to gently squeeze water from your hair, rather than rubbing (or, let's face it, exfoliating) with a rough terry towel.

Great For ALL Hair Types

This slightly stretchy non-microfibre towel will benefit straight, wavy and curly hair.

Beneficial to those experiencing hair loss and regrowth, and sensitive skin.

For fellow curlies it is perfect for plopping, micro plopping and to ‘scrunch out the crunch’ (if you know, you know).

Organic jersey cotton hair towels, handmade in the UK.

Made in the UK

By a small independent business using gold standard organic fabric chosen for its ethos around environmental, ethical and social issues.

Due to its lightweight nature, the towel is also perfect for travel, the gym, the beach and the pool.

I've even taken mine hiking! In fact, I rarely leave home without one.

Size: 98cm x 58cm.