Healthy Hair Is Happier Hair

Having started embracing my curls in early Spring 2020 I went down a rabbit hole of shampoos and conditioners and stylers and gels and cationic surfactants and polyquats and techniques. 

I also learned that to get the best out of our hair we need to look after it and keep it as healthy as possible: this applies to any hair type.

Early on, my research led me to swapping out my usual bathroom towels for a more hair-friendly option. I bought three, but they were too small. I tried T-shirts, a popular choice, but I found them awkward to use: I avoided microfibre ones altogether on environmental grounds. I couldn't find what I wanted so I set about creating it.

Products have come and gone, and I now understand what works for my hair and what doesn’t. I stick to the same few potions, repurchasing as and when required. But my towel? It’s a keeper.