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Fran R

My bathroom is full of “hair products” ….on the Holy Grail of trying to tame my hair. So who knew I needed to take a step back and look at how I was treating my hair straight after washing - before piling on the styling products!! I have been using a T-shirt to wrap up hair but the Good Wash Day towels are outstanding ….my Holy Grail has ended!! I still use some styling product but my hair is now SO SOFT and holds its shape. It’s like I have been to a Salon and had an expensive treatment. I have been using my towel for over a month now, wanted to wait before I did my review …..but yes, I am consistently getting fabulous results - thank you Karen!!

Hi Fran,

WOW! What a fabulous review. You have completely and utterly summed up the entire purpose of GWD. Yes yes yes to everything you have said. Thank you!

Karen - Founder, Good Wash Day

Olive Miller
Hair towels

I purchased two initially for my grandchildren, one long thick hair the other long and tangly. Very pleased how the towels absorb the water so quickly and appear to stop the tangly hair. Have now purchased two for myself, they not only take the water out of my hair but also they are very quick drying towels. Great purchase all round - thank you

Thank you so much for your purchases, and your review Olive! I'm so pleased to read that you and your grandchildren love their towels!

Carla - Founder, Good Wash Day

Jean Suddes

The best hair towel I have ever owned. It is super lightweight and so comfortable to wear. It is super absorbent and has made my fine flyaway hair far less fluffy. It will be taken on holiday too. Highly recommend.

PS Having had cancer myself, love the support you offer to others via something to look forward to 💕

I love that you love your Good Wash Day towel, Jean! Thank you for your purchase, and for coming back to share your thoughts. Donating towels to people who have been through a difficult time, like yourself, is an absolute privilege. Wishing you and your Good Wash Day towel very happy travels! I wonder where you'll go...

Carla - Founder, Good Wash Day

Julie Shanahan
Amazing hair towel, a game changer for me

I have a lot of hair which usually takes forever to dry. This towel makes a huge difference, I wrap my hair in it for about 20 minutes before blow drying and it cuts drying time by half ! My hair also feels really soft and smooth and not tangly like it usually is after being in a towel. I highly recommend it !

I'm so chuffed to read your review Julie. The reduced heat styling will also add to the improved health of your hair. Thank you so much for coming back to write a review!

Carla - Founder, Good Wash Day

Jane Harrison
A Great Product

I bought this after seeing it recommended by Kat Farmer @doesmybumlook40. Her hair is the complete opposite to my very fine straight hair but I am equally delighted with my towel. It seems to leave my hair in a better condition, fuller & with less styling needed. Apart from some extra curling under of the back ends needed, I hardly need to touch it as it seems to fall into perfect shape. So far I am delighted.

Hi Jane,

Thank you so much for coming back to write a review. It's so helpful that you also shared how you found me. Fabulous that you're delighted - that's made my day!

Carla - Founder, Good Wash Day