Reusable Face Cloths - 7 Pack
Good Wash Day organic jersey cotton reusable face cloths in a bright striped fabric. Each wipe has stripes in orange, yellow, mint green, holly green, light blue, mid blue and red. A white stripe separates each colour stripe. There is a matching bag with a drawstring opening.

Reusable Face Cloths - 7 Pack

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The same soft, comfortable fabric in resuable face cloths.


Made from double-sided organic jersey cotton, these cloths have no towelling or bamboo side, so are more soft and gentle.

They will feel lighter and thinner than regular flannels, or products with a towelling fabric side.

They're larger than most cotton wool / reusable pads, so are big enough to use as a more skin-friendly flannel alternative.

These are mixed packs. If you don't like a specific colour please add a note to your order and I will try my very best to avoid that one!

USES: They're super versatile and perfect for cleansing, as make-up removers and to pat your skin dry in place of regular towels which can be too harsh on facial skin. They’re especially useful for those with sensitive skin and rosacea, and for babies and children.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from the off-cuts of Good Wash Day organic jersey T-shirt hair towels, they are oval shaped which is more efficient and means practically zero waste.

PLEASE NOTE: Applying an oil based product (for example, some eye make-up removers) directly to the cloth may result in that patch of fabric remaining darker (in the same way that oil would mark a T-shirt). If this bothers please consider ordering one of the patterned sets where it will be less obvious, or use the same pad for the oil-based product.

HANDMADE IN THE UK: By a small business using gold standard organic fabric chosen for its ethos around environmental, ethical and social issues.

Customer Reviews

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Joanne Bonnett
Good Face Wash Day!!

Well I may not wash my hair every day but I DO wash my face twice … who knew something simple like these face cloths could make a difference.
I use a wash off cleanser and it works really well with these cloths - I also use one to pat my face dry as it’s so much softer on my skin than a normal terry towel.
Love that they wash so well - who doesn’t want rainbows on their face to start & end each day?! 🌈😊

Hello Joanne,

Thank you for your kind words. I too find the cloths are great to use with my wash off cleanser, and I've loved reading that you do too! It's Small Business Saturday, so I'd like to add that I really appreciate you shopping with my small business. Thank you.

Warmest wishes,
Karen - Founder, Good Wash Day