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Not My First Rodeo

I’ve built websites before. Back in the late 1990s I left my job as a Personal Assistant and my home town (Guildford), and moved to London with my then boyfriend. I then started a full-time course to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE).

As part of the course we students were tasked with designing a new website for the private training company, with the promise of a £300 prize for the winner and, if management approved, the website superseding the outdated one. Quite something to add to the CV when embarking on a new career.

Funny to think that just over a year before, that same boyfriend, who worked in IT, had tried to explain to me what html was and I’m sure he’d have agreed it was a struggle: I hadn’t even seen the World Wide Web in action, which must have been evident from my glazed expression.

[I just checked the definition of 'glazed': "Not showing any emotion because you are bored or tired or have stopped listening". Yep, that's the one].

Anyway, I won. As a full-time student who had sold my home to fund the course, the £300 was gratefully received. I didn’t win because my website was the most visually stunning (far from it. Indeed, a fellow student had created the most beautiful site using Macromedia Flash which was all the rage at the time).

No, I won because my site was the most functional, and I had kept the user experience in mind. I used the company’s corporate colours, and painstakingly listed every single detail of every single course, in table format. The navigation made perfect sense, all the links worked and I included a map showing the training centre’s location, marking the nearest tube stations. And crucially, whilst Flash was ahead of its time, in the days of dial-up internet it was painfully slow to load. So I built my site using Microsoft Frontpage with consideration for modem speed and bandwidth.

(It's funny to think that more than 20 years later download ease and speed is still a consideration now that people browse from mobile devices from virtually anywhere in the world).

My attention to detail meant I’d ironed out most errors. My inner completer-finisher meant I hit the deadline. Natural tendencies, but also honed in my 10 years working as a PA.

In the early 2010s I created my second website when I started an eBay Trading Assistant business. Actually that’s not strictly true: I wrote the copy and sourced the images and then-boyfriend-now-husband physically created the website.

But this Good Wash Day website? I’ve done this one myself.

I’ve poured all my previous experience into this business of mine. From my post-MCSE technical roles to my business degree (five years ago aged 46 - it’s never too late), the subsequent four years working at a start-up selling health and wellbeing products on Amazon (and all the things that role entailed from product development to logistics to inventory management to marketing to eTail), and my twenties spent in service of others, dotting Is and crossing Ts.

When I put all that together, along with this product, which was borne out of frustration because I couldn’t find what I wanted to buy, I think I’ve got as good a shot as anyone of making this business a success. 

And that’s what I will work tirelessly to do.

Thank you for stopping by.


  • Suzanne Dixon said:

    Thank you so much for the super quick delivery of my two towels. Beautiful colours and nice feel to them. I look forward to trying them out. Thank you.

    June 05, 2021

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