Puzzling Puzzles

The last jigsaw puzzle I completed was done so en famille, and tiny hands helped find pieces of Noddy, Big Ears, Sly and Gobbo.

I thought I’d ask for one for Christmas and I’m enjoying spending an hour or two on it here and there, accompanied either by a podcast (currently on season five of Talking Sopranos) or my thoughts.

I’ve realised some similarities between approaching a jigsaw puzzle and starting and building a business:

- Where to start? Don’t think about the entire picture: park the overwhelm and build the framework.

- Have a strategy. Focus on a couple of big areas that will move the dial and make other stuff easier.

- Opposite of above, don’t start with the sky. Build up to that. It’ll be much easier when core pieces are complete.

- Keep referring back to the big picture and remember how far you’ve come.

- Enjoy the journey rather than focusing on the destination.

- Patience, patience, patience.

- Don’t be distracted by going off on a tangent.

- Recognise when you should go off on a tangent. Don’t be too rigid. If you see an opportunity to build out an area go for it.

- Bite the bullet. That non-descript expanse of sky does need building.

- Invest in tools that will make a difference. This portable jigsaw board makes it easy for me to do an hour’s puzzling, then pack up until the next time. It also gives me the space to organise my thoughts and pieces.

In the last couple of days Good Wash Day celebrated 1000 towels sold since launching on 1st April 2021. Time to set some new goals.

A bit late to the party, but wishing you all success in 2022, whatever that means for you.

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