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Hair Towels on Tour

My family and I spent a glorious few days in the Lake District last week. I can’t believe I’ve never been before. I think its reputation for rain has deterred me. I’m not a sun worshipper by any means, but if one is off to the lakes one wants to spend long days outdoors, and that’s just more fun in dry, pleasant weather.

Of course I packed some Good Wash Day organic T-shirt towels. I took two for hair washing, and a selection to fulfil the orders I hoped to get whilst we were away, together with all my packaging materials (as you can see, I made two trips to the Ulverston Post Office).

Cotton travel towel

I also took what has affectionately become known as my ‘go bag’: a complete set of all nine colours and patterns. Whilst I had a professional photoshoot ahead of my business launch, finding an endless supply of social media worthy images can be a bit of a challenge. I’ve been to some beautiful places recently and have bitterly regretted not having my towels on hand for some impromptu snaps. So, the go bag has become a thing.

When I set about creating this business I didn’t think further than my hair towels being used for anything other than, well, hair. But on this recent trip (where we were blessed with wall to wall sunshine) I found myself breaking into my stash for more than just photo ops:

  • I always had a towel in our rucksack for wiping hands after washing or applying SPF (and I do the same at home - there’s always one in my handbag).
  • Our first major hike started at Blea Tarn. Our two sons (18 and 16) went full-on mountain goats and we ended up at the top of Side Pike via some tricky paths and this rather daunting obstacle. Once we’d squeezed through and navigated a narrow trail to firmer ground, I used a towel to gently pat my face dry of its glow and then offered it to my husband and our boys who appreciated doing the same (all using a different bit of the fabric, naturally). They even said it felt ‘nice’ and ‘so soft’!
Lightweight organic travel towels.
  • The following day we hired a couple of two-person canoes and spent a fun couple of hours on Coniston Water, so naturally a towel had to come too.
Quick dry travel towels.
  • On our last day we walked around Derwent Water where I could feel the sun beating down on my neck. I draped a towel around it and immediately felt the relief. We then went straight on to hike up Catbells which was more arduous than we were expecting, and it was another hot day. For the last hour of the walk I draped the towel over my head and it did an excellent job of keeping me a little bit cooler.
Lightweight organic travel towels.

So, having designed my jersey cotton hair towels with just hair in mind, I can now say with some confidence that they make excellent travelling companions! The Lake District was fabulous: a very welcome break in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings. I’m sure we’ll be back. In the meantime, I cannot wait to take my go bag abroad, when we’re able.

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